A short guide to the Orthodox monasteries of France

Yellow cover of short guide to the Orthodox monasteries of FranceNew edition (December 2007)
Hieromonk Samuel
Size 15 x 21 cm – 82 pages

This little book of 82 pages fills a gap and responds to the needs of the Orthodox in France.

The guide lists the 21 monasteries or skites under canonical jurisdiction, i.e. whose bishops are members of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France (A.E.O.F. ), i.e.: 5 under the Greek Metropolis (Patriarchate of Constantinople), 1 under the Antiochian Bishopric (Patriarchate of Antioch), 3 under the Archdiocese of Russian Parishes in Western Europe (Patriarchate of Constantinople), 3 under the Russian Archdiocese (Patriarchate of Moscow), 7 under the Romanian Metropolis (Patriarchate of Romania), and 2 under the Serbian Bishopric (Patriarchate of Serbia).

The guide opens with a map of France giving an overview of the location of the various monastic establishments.

Each monastery or skite is the subject of a notice in which are indicated: its name, the name of the higoumene, the number of monks or nuns, the number of clerics, the jurisdiction, the liturgical language practised, the type of calendar followed, the dates of the patronal feasts, the activities practised, the possibilities of reception, and the contact details (postal and email addresses, telephone and fax). An illustration section presents colour photographs with general and detailed views, the seal of the monastery and an access map.